“Opt Out” of the Rat Race.

Opt Out There finds jobs from all over the world that will pay you to live and work! We want to help our readers break out of the grind of unfulfilling jobs and living paycheck to paycheck.
My wife and I lived in New York City for over 10 years. Like most everyone we knew, we were living paycheck to paycheck. Our debt was growing, and we had no real savings. We had jobs that we had no passion for but were the “right” kind of jobs. We knew we had to make a change.
We discovered that there was a whole world out there under everyone’s noses. Jobs that would pay us to live in beautiful places and do work we enjoyed. We were able to live rent-free and get paid. In a few short years, we got rid of all our debt and had more money saved than we ever could have imagined.
This blog came about because people always ask how we were able to make such drastic changes in our lives. We wanted to put all the information together to help anyone else who is looking to make similar changes. We hand pick interesting jobs from around the world that will pay you to live!
There will always be naysayers that tell you it can’t be done, to take that office job and then buy that house you can’t afford and keep your head down. Don’t listen to them!
You can break out of the cycle of paychecks, debt, and tedious jobs. You can “Opt Out,” and we will show you how!