Restaurant management/Daily Operations- Looking for Couples with Experience – San Juan Mountains, CO


We have a Restaurant( and attached lodge) that we are looking for a couple to fill the positions.  We are looking for an experienced couple to run the kitchen as well as the front of the restaurant.  We are located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado.  The summers are extremely busy and the pace is fast.  The winters are slower and allow for a more intimate experience for our guests.  We want to find a couple who can learn the ropes in the winter so they can be ready to take over managing the restaurant in the summer.  This is a unique position for a couple because our location offers completely different experiences throughout the year.  The summer season is our big revenue maker, and the winters give us the time to plan and get ready for the next summer season while offering a peaceful, snow filled mountain experience to our guests.

Our restaurant/lodge operates on two seasons: summer and winter.  We offer different menus for the different seasons. 

Summer- We are open 7 days a week in summer.  We offer a nice size menu in the summer which includes steaks, fish, seafood as well as addtional entrees and nightly and weekly specials.  In summer, we offer fine and casual dining as well as a full bar and outside patio with incredible mountain views and temps in the 70s/80s.  We are tenatively planning on expanding our outside patio area for next season.  Summer season is about volume and keeping up with the pace of the people coming to eat a great meal.

Winter- We offer winter packages that include food and drinks, as there are not a lot of restaurant choices in town.  We are in the process of partnering with other lodging places to offer meal packages to their guests as well.   We are open 3-4 days a week. .  We offer a chalkboard menu with a limited selection and weekly specials.  Our meal packages vary.  We will offer a breakfast/dinner option, a wine/beer package with a charcuterie platter, a packed lunch to include a nice sandwich, salad, and fruit, and a dessert package.  The current menu is in the works, but if you have some ideas, we want to hear them.

We offer:

A large spacious room in our lodge which includes: electric, water, propane, wifi, satellite tv, and some of the most beautiful views you have ever seen.

Kitchen position is salary. Rate depends on experience.

Front restaurant position is hourly plus tips with possibility for a bonus program.

The right couple will have the following:

-Experience in a commercial restaurant kitchen, knowledge of the different roles needed to run kitchen efficiently, line cook or chef experience preferred, previous position as a server, bartender, runner, and/or manager.  The right couple will be willing to do what is necessary to keep restaurant and kitchen running efficiently and effectively, showing ability to make decisions quickly, make necessary changes as needed, as well as provide top quality customer service to our guests.  The right couple must be able communicate effectively and think and act under pressure and still turn out incredible food.  There will be themed nights and activities we put on for the town and its visitors, so creativity and a genuine enjoyment of people and customer service is a must.  The right couple will be promoted to management positions as quickly as the next summer season, so must be able to manage summer staff and schedules, paying special attention to hours.  We are looking for a couple who can think on their feet but still take direction and produce the results we are looking for.  These positions are as much about sales and selling the experience of our property as they are about the quality food we serve.  Must be willing to go above and beyond when getting a job done. 

On a side note:  Our property consists of a large restaurant, full bar, pool table, outdoor patio, a small lodge with less than 10 rooms, and our personal residence.  We live on site and are looking for a couple to come in and work with us thru the winter. Learning how things run and understanding the vision we have for our business is vital as well as being commited to reaching the goals we have set.

We are NOT looking for a couple to manage the lodge.  We are looking for a couple to help run the restaurant and become the restaurant’s managers.  The long term goal is to have the whole property run by the right couple, but that is a 1-2year plan and will only be offered to the right couple who show a strong work ethic and commitment while employed us. 

We do live in the Rocky Mountains and it gets cold and it gets snow.  Please be aware of this before you respond.  We will allow one dog as long as it is well behaved and fully housebroken.  We cannot allow cats, sorry.

If you are interested in the couples’ position we are offering, please send us an email.  Tell us a little about yourselves, both of you.  If you have a resume, we would love to see it.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Hopefully you will visit our website and get a better feel of the place.  Thank you.

  Have a great day.